About Idaho Luxe

We offer expertise that is unmatched in North Idaho, nationally award-winning marketing, and industry-recognized results. That’s the story you’ll find here: who we serve, how we serve you, and why. Our mission or objective is very simple: to deliver extraordinary service and exceptional results to you, the proud owners of the most prestigious homes in North Idaho. And we thrive on it. We hope you’ll see that too.

Who we are

Few real estate agents have either formal training or much experience in marketing. They are trained in real estate transactions, and most receive sales training. But those don’t  come into play until a potential buyer is already engaged. With nearly all buyers for luxury  properties in North Idaho coming from outside the region and different states, that’s a problem. 

Genuine marketing expertise is required. And we apply marketing that’s unmatched in North Idaho. It enables us to: 

  • Understand the optimal buyer for your property. 
  • Research, identify and select specific potential buyers who are able to purchase your  property. 
  • Reach, intrigue and engage those potential buyers using multiple media • Motivate them to consider your property, even if the North Idaho lake country is new to them. 

In other words, the process is exactly the opposite of “listing, waiting, watching and hoping.”  We don’t hope. We pursue — in the classiest fashion you can imagine.

We’re very active members of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. That’s an  international association of specialists in luxury, residential properties and how those properties are marketed most effectively. But we’re also part of ILHM’s Million Dollar Guild, a select group of members who have demonstrated track records representing high-value, luxury, and prestige properties.

Membership requires training, certification, continuing education, and collaboration with peers. Thus the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation we carry.

We’ve benefitted from a number of programs in negotiation including the Harvard Negotiation Project, the Yale Program on Negotiation, Karrass/Cohen, and (the very best) the Black Swan Group.

It equips us to avoid the traps of “win / lose” and “split the difference” negotiations. Neither tends to be in the best interest of either party. Instead, we craft agreements beginning with both party’s interests, determining what is most important to each. And it works.

Pricing luxury properties is often incredibly difficult. It need not be. But it is neither an art  nor a science. It’s a discipline. A Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor is equipped to go well beyond a simple “comparative market analysis” (CMA) when evaluating the fair market value  of a property. We use an in-depth and strategic approach that considers not merely recently sold properties, but competing properties and properties offered that failed to find the buyer. It’s a comprehensive approach that’s disciplined and effective. And it is the basis for all of our pricing counsel to our clients.

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