Luxury Market Recap

Each month, Idaho Luxe® publishes an 8 – 10 minute video recap of current market conditions. Wayne Peterson presents a fast-paced briefing of what’s really going on in the market for luxury properties in North Idaho.


The Prime Real Estate Market Report

Each month, Idaho Luxe® publishes The Prime Real Estate Market Report which summarizes the entire North Idaho Lake Country (both Kootenai and Bonner Counties). It is mailed to the owners of luxury properties at their primary residential addresses as an informational service. You’re welcome to receive it, and only need ask.

Fair market valuation

Without cost or obligation, we will perform a fair market value analysis for any luxury property in North Idaho. This is much more reliable than use of an automated valuation algorithm since the sold prices for all transactions are confidential (not disclosed) in Idaho. 

That prevents automated pricing engines from producing even accurate ranges. We will also update that analysis annually, enabling the client to track that data over time.

A Field Guide to Selling Your Prime Property

We have a comprehensive overview of our real estate practice available in book form upon request. Many of our clients have found it very helpful because it compares and contrasts our real estate practice with the “usual and customary.” This, again, is available on request in hardcopy.

Does Your Prime Property call for a Team of Luxury Specialists?

We’ve prepared a guide for interviewing, vetting and choosing a luxury agent. It includes:

  • An extensive interview questionnaire
  • Guidance on how to understand how a particular agent works
  • Most importantly, how an agent takes a property to market.  

It’s a printed guide for ease of use, and available upon request.